MapleStory M Guide

(Update 31 July 2018 – Minor updates and edits to all sections with a comprehensive guide on Forging/Making endgame weapon section added in the Equipment section)

The Korean version of MapleStory M was first released on October 2016 and had 2 million downloads within its first 2 weeks.  Following that, Nexon soft-launched MapleStory M in 5 diffferent countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, and Indonesia on May, 2018 and finally it is now being launched globally in nine different languages and in 140 countries.

There are quite a number of differences between the PC version and the mobile version, with the gameplay simplified and optimized for mobile devices. The most notable feature of MapleStory M is the amount of automation that the game allows for.  This makes it less about the grind, and more about how best to play the game efficiently.  Now we don’t have to invest a ton of time in the game before we’re qualified to go on some of the cooler boss raids. (Although, at the moment there is only the Zakumn boss raid).

This guide does not give you a rundown on every little aspect of the game as you can find that in the guide provided in the game.

For this guide, we will not be attempting to catalogue every single aspect of the game as it is just meant to be some good advice from a few awesome players.  We welcome any and all feedback and will endeavour to make any suggested corrections.  If you want to show your support please do so by sharing this guide around.

Disclaimer: This guide is only an aid to the game.  Nexon is not an official partner and owns all rights to Maplestory M.